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A new concept reward-based digital advertising platform
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Index Terminal is a blockchain-based marketing platform that utilizes educational learning. Depending on the learning achievement, we provide rewards based on blockchain smart contracts to viewers and data-based advertising effects reports to advertisers.

Live Quiz Show


The blockchain live quiz show is easy for users to participate and earn reward rewards. We are aiming for a blockchain rewarded advertising marketing platform that can experience cryptocurrency most easily.



The IDT platform aims to provide professional education through IDT token rewards, blockchain knowledge sharing, and a reasonable reward system for users who have learned video by planning and producing short and fun educational video contents based on user knowledge level.



We disclose real-time market information of the blockchain market, which is traded 365 days a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and index indicators of on-chain data without forgery / falsification of the blockchain. It provides reliable information and provides hot news from the blockchain industry through AI curation.

Index Terminal


IDT Service Flow

The IDT platform plans and develops content according to advertisers' requests for advertising such as budget, advertising purposes and etc. We plan and develop contents with partners of IDT. The IDT platform can provide advertising performance reports on 'Reward-based Education Marketing' that meet advertisers' intentions. Advertisers can engage in more detailed marketing activities based on advertising data in the IDT platform they have previously executed.

IDT Service Features

  • Easy Participation

    Smart Contract Reward Distribution provides a transparent reward distribution that anyone can view.

  • Blockchain
    Data Reports

    You can view the execution data without forgery and establish a more effective advertising strategy.

  • Short-From Vidoes
    News Subscription Reward

    Short and fun video learning, knowledge sharing and reasonable rewards through industry news curation

  • Certificates

    Users who have successfully completed training can issue blockchain-based none-fungible certificates.

IDT Service

  • Users

    Users are rewarded according to their contribution to quiz participation, video content viewing, and community activities on the IDT platform. Rewards are rewards paid by advertisers through cash, coins, project tokens, and etc. including IDT tokens. Reward use has the right to purchase paid content such as expert videos, investment analysis information within the IDT platform and to use it for new services.

  • Advertisers

    Advertisers are responsible for requesting advertising to IDT Platform and include all blockchain-related industries. For the purpose of informing the users of their own token or technology, they may request advertisements based on educational content and request specialized trading advertisements to IDT platforms to utilize investment risk recognition or objective trading indicators.

  • Moderator

    The moderator means a validated individual or IDT platform itself that operates on the IDT platform. Clients can engage directly in issues that require mediation between malicious elements within the platform or between different stakeholders. It is the entity that discloses transparent financial statements and on-chain status on matters such as platform sales and token distribution or incineration.

  • Partners

    The partner is a facilitator of IDT platform and various activities. Training content providers, data analysts, index providers, trading institutions, media, and more. The common goal is to provide an all-in-one trading environment that can be applied in practice by continuously supplying compensation-based educational contents such as market data, crypto investment, and trading theory for the new users.

IDT Service
Business Model

  • Rewards are paid through participation in live quiz shows and viewing video contents.
  • Generate advertising revenue by recruiting advertisers.
  • We operate membership through provision of consumer education contents
  • Live Quiz Show

    Weekly / Monthly / On Demand


    Activity index for the contribution, membership, IDT token acquisition ・ Quiz shows obtaining correct scores through the contribution per round. ・ In case of incorrect answer, provide re-engagement opportunity through IDT token use

  • Blockchain Short-Form
    Video Contents

    Weekly / Monthly / On Demand


    Random quiz in the videos under the automatic prevented condition ・ A mutual educational content planning in consumer engagement ・ Reward payments by content completion on first-come, first-served basis

  • Benefits

    Tracking user activities, various reward systems by contribution ・ For more information, please read the white paper


    Project tokens, advertiser leads, department store gift certificates, cash and so on.

  • Advertiser

    Free and paid video ads are provided through partnerships, and a total of two advertising services are conducted to survey advertisers' satisfaction.

Token Allocation

  • Sales 35%
  • Reservoir (Reward) 20%
  • Team / Advisor 10%
  • Marketing 10%
  • Partners 10%
  • Operation 15%


  • 2020 Q1
    • Minimum valuable team setup
    • Proof of concept architecture
    • Development of basic curriculum: blockchain theory
  • 2020 Q2
    • Company setup closed
    • Seed funding closed
    • Education partnership development
    • Media partnership development
    • Trading curriculum development: newbie users
  • 2020 Q3
    • Online community channels development
    • Crypto Index partnership development
    • Launch minimum valuable product
    • Launch live quiz event with token reward program
  • 2020 Q4
    • Patent application for live streaming quiz show
    • Initiate referral business model
      with crypto exchange or community platform
    • dApp development integrated
      with the own token economics
    • Initiate to provide the crypto trading index
      within the own platform
  • 2021 Q1
    • Expand business model for our token circulation
      with referral or Ad program
    • Launch a top-tier dApp blockchain wallet platform
    • Launch a offline education program in high school or university
  • 2021 Q2
    • Expand the global market
    • Trading bot development integrated in our dApp
    • Trading education certificate program development
  • 2021 Q3
    • Launch trading competition
    • Launch trading bot service for newbie users
      through the own utility tokens
    • Partnership with top education companies
  • 2021 Q4
    • Launch cryptocurrency education certificate program
    • Secure cryptocurrency trading case expansion


The most efficient blockchain advertising platform Index Terminal is a Digital Advertising Platform company composed of skilled blockchain experts, marketers and outstanding developers.